Audition Requirements

Auditions for ALL Bands

All students wishing to participate in the Enloe Band Program (including current Enloe students) must audition for placement.  


PLACEMENT AUDITIONS - Required for all band students

Students will submit VIDEOTAPED auditions via Google Classroom by the end of the day on March 9, 2020.  Download the Google Classroom application and enter the appropriate classroom code.    



Flute bm2gcof

Oboe 7qprsqp

Bassoon plg3yqx

Clarinet kjxa5k3

Bass Clarinet ukwusi4

Saxophone tnhktyv

Trumpet uqtykg4

Horn r6o65ez

Low Brass 4jmqbbx

Percussion tv4ozqf



Saxophone 536hcyj

Trumpet 3waho2y

Trombone bfyb3yv

Rhythm walszkv


MARCHING BAND SUMMER DATES - Mark your calendar now.

August 3-7 (8:30am-8:30pm)  Summer school conflicts are permissible.  

August 10-14 (8:30am-8:30pm)

August 17-21 (4:30pm-8:30pm)


Follow our Marching Band calendar on our website ( or here,