Concert Attire

Dress Requirements for Performances

Wind Ensemble

-  Men – Tux with jacket and bow tie

-  Women – black gown

Male percussionists will require jackets.  Female percussionists black gown or all black dress clothes with ¾ + sleeves.

Symphonic Band

-  Men – black dress pants with matching shoes and socks, white long-sleeved dress shirt with white t-shirt underneath, black tie (not bow tie)

-  Women – same as men or white blouse (at least ¾ sleeve) with black skirt (should cover knees while seated) and dress shoes

Concert Band

-  Men – medium blue long sleeve dress shirt, solid dark tie; black bottom, black dress shoes, black socks

-  Women – same as men (without tie) or conservative dress.

Here are some links for sites selling formal wear: