Our percussionists are a key element of our Marching Band.  Within our percussion section, we have a front ensemble (known as the front line) which includes all of our non-marching instruments such as Marimba, Vibraphone, Chimes, Timpani and you never know what else (brake drums ...), and our battery, which include marching bass drums, snares, and tenors.     

Percussion is one of two sections of the band, the other is guard, that hold additional "sectionals" each week to learn sets and develop individual skills to allow them to integrate into the band during full band practice. They have dedicated instructors during camp to focus on developing technique and the endurance required.

Usually the first members on the practice field and the last ones off, our percussion section sets a high standard for the entire band.  To get a sense of the role of both a strong front line and battery in marching band today, visit the DCI web site (Drum Corps International).