Gift Card Credits

Enloe Band Boosters Fair Share – Scrip gift cards



Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing prepaid gift cards.  They are the same type of gift cards / certificates that can be purchased at individual businesses. With every purchase, you earn Fair Share $$. You order gift cards for participating retailers from the Enloe Band Boosters at face value and the rebate amount is credited to your child's Fair Share account.  An example: If you purchase a $100 gift card for Macys, you will receive a $100 gift card and 10% of that purchase ($10) will be credited to your child's Fair Share account.  A complete list of retailers is available at

Example businesses and rebate amounts: Gap/Old Navy 14%, American Eagle 10%, Aeropostale 7%, Belks 7%, Dillards 9%, and Macys 10%, Chili’s 11%, Olive Garden/Red Lobster 9%,  Panera 9%, Barnes and Noble 9%, Amazon 4%,  iTunes 5%, Lowes Home Improvement (4%), Home Depot (4%), Regal Entertainment 8%, Lands End 16% and L.L Bean 15%.  Give the cards as gifts (valid across the country) or use them to shop yourself.

How do I get started?

Create an account: Go to Click “Create Account"in the green Family Sign Up box on the left.

1.       Select a user name and password. 

2.       Provide other requested information. For “Student Name” be sure to list your band student so the coordinator is able to tie the account to the correct student.

3.       At the end of the process you will be asked to “Join a Non-Profit”. This links your account to the Enloe Band Boosters. The enrollment code is 3C712DD229372.

Placing an order: Place an order online through your account. Select the “Shop” tab at the top and select the gift cards you would like to order.  A monthly order will be placed by the coordinator (typically on the first of the month).  Gift cards will be available at the Band Booster meetings. (Other arrangements can be made to pick up your gift cards.)  Look for reminder emails on the EBB gmail group a week before the order is placed.

 Payment options: There are 2 options for paying for gift cards.

1.       ACH electronic deduction from your bank account: This is known as PrestoPay. With this option you provide the Great Lakes Scrip Center with your bank account information and the cost of the gift cards is deducted from your bank account. (There is a small convenience fee of $0.15 per order with PrestoPay, less than the cost of a stamp.)

2.       By check: After completing an order, print the confirmation. Mail the confirmation and a check made out to Enloe Band Boosters to the Scrip coordinator. The check must be received before the band order date.

ScripNow (online gift card):  Some stores offer an online gift card. You order a gift card online ( from the ScripNow list. You pay with PrestoPay. You receive an email within a few minutes with your gift card information. If you want to purchase a product online with your gift card (for example, through Amazon) you enter the gift card code to pay for the product. If you plan to purchase a product at the store you print your gift card and use it at checkout. 

Reloadable gift cards: Some stores offer a reloadable gift card. Initially order the card through the coordinator. Then reload the card online ( A percentage of the reloaded value is donated to the Enloe Band Boosters and credited to your Fair Share account. If you pay with PrestoPay, the reload occurs overnight. You do not have to wait on the coordinator to release the order.  If you pay with check, the reload order is processed with the band’s monthly order.

Create a PrestoPay account (optional): Go to Login to your account in the Member’s Login box on the left. Select “PrestoPay” from the tabs on the left.

1.       Provide the requested enrollment information. You will create a pin as part of that process.

2.       Over the next 2-3 business days 2 small deposits will be made to your account. When you see the deposits, note the amounts and use them to complete the verification processs.

3.       You will then receive an email with an approval code. You must contact the coordinator with the approval code to complete the process.