GoPlaySave Books

GoPlaySave Raleigh (formerly Citipass) is a coupon book that pays for itself when used only once or twice.  This year, the book contains many great offers, including:

  • Great Buy One, Get One Free offers to area restaurants
  • Savings at places like: Omega Sports, Office Depot, Dick's Sporting Goods and Ace Hardware
  • Fun places to visit: Golf, Movies, Bowling, Zip Lines, Trampoline Parks and More!
  • Save at Kroger on grocieries

The 2017-18 book sells for $30 and our Enloe students made $13.50 from each book sold.  Funds earned from GoPlaySave sales are applied to each marcher's fair share account to reduce the cost of participation to your family.

Selling Incentives--

Selling incentives which include a free book for every 5 books sold.  (This means every 6th book is free!)  In addition, in 2017, the top 3 sellers receive a $30 gift card to Moe’s, Char-Grill, Mellow Mushroom, Kroger, iTunes, or 4 tickets to Wells Fargo/Marbles IMAX! and the first 3 sellers of 10 books received a $10 gift card from Moe’s, Mellow Mushroom or Char Grill!.

Mobile Option--

A completely mobile device based book/app which is an independent product and varies slightly from the printed book (some merchants have been omitted and some merchants will be added throughout the year).  Mobile only books are purchased on-line at:

(To receive credit for sales, the Enloe marcher's name must be entered at on-line checkout.)

View Flyer: GoPlaySave


Gena Bancroft 919-616-3956