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Band Communications are sent via our Google Groups:

Enloe Marching Band:!forum/enloe-marching-band/join


Enloe Band Boosters (general info & classroom bands):!forum/enloe-band-boosters/join


Enloe Jazz Bands:!forum/enloe-jazz-bands/join

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Robert Hunter, Director

Catherine Beasley , President

April Dopler , VP – Operations

Nancy Tranter, VP - Fair Share

Mike Burkhart, VP - Ways & Means

Greg Turner, Treasurer

Liz McCormick, Secretary

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Commitments and Conflicts

As we start the season, it is critical to make sure everyone has the right dates blocked and we know of any conflicts as we determine placement within the band. We need everyone on the field to have productive full ensemble rehearsals. If someone is going to be missing, we need to know well in advance.  If someone gets sick at the last minute, follow the instructions in the rules sheet.

Please complete the linked form below that tracks all of our commitments for 2016 and click submit at the bottom of the form when you finish.  

My Commitment For 2016


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Our Mission:


The Enloe Band Program prides itself on maintaining balance and excellence in its musical offerings. 

To that end students have opportunities to participate in Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Combos.

Additionally, students have opportunities to learn about arranging, music technology, and conducting.