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Robert Hunter, Director

Kerry Skiles, President

Carol Holland, VP – Operations

Buffie Nuckols, VP - Fair Share

Sunny Shah, VP - Ways & Means

Greg Turner, Treasurer

Jill Steffey, Secretary

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DCI & Carowinds: NightBeat, SUNDAY July 29, 2012
Cost $74 per person.

Reservation are due by Friday June 1st (we got a short extension from DCI)for final count.  This includes chaperones.

Do not miss this, it is great fun.  The kids spend the day at Carowinds and then head to the stadium for the performance.  
The cost covers entrance to Carowinds and NightBeat on July 29th, gas for the buses, and drivers.  The buses leave very early in the morning and return very late the same evening.  A detailed schedule will be sent closer to trip date.

This is from an email Mr. Hunter sent last year if you want to know what DCI is all about:

For those of you who are new to the Marching Band, DCI stands for Drum Corps International.  DCI is kind of like professional Marching Band, consisting mostly of college students who commit their summer to hard work and great music...outdoors.  They are pretty much the epitome of outdoor music, marching & dancing.
Experiencing DCI live is amazing and kids are profoundly affected by it.  That's why we want everyone who can join us on July 29th to do so.  
Here is a link for some good footage.

Cost $74 per person.
Reservation are due by Wed 5/23!  $74 per person

If your student wants to attend DCI & Carowinds in Charlotte with the band on please write a check for $74 to Enloe Band Boosters and mail to:

Wendy Daly
3105 Hiking Trail
Raleigh     27615

Second option is to leave a check in the band lock box-  many students forget to place the checks you send there so be warned!

Whatever you do please EMAIL ME and let me know you mailed/put the check on the box and I will confirm receipt and reservation.  

Thank you.

Patty Snow

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