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Robert Hunter, Director

Catherine Beasley , President

April Dopler , VP – Operations

Nancy Tranter, VP - Fair Share

Mike Burkhart, VP - Ways & Means

Greg Turner, Treasurer

Liz McCormick, Secretary

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Enloe Band News


Eat breakfast before you come to rehearsal!

            8:00AM           Officers meeting

8:45                 Suggested arrival time           

                                    Bag your uniform before rehearsal.

                        Fill water bottles on the way to sectionals.

9:30                 Winds in stadium

                        Pit, Battery & Guard in sectionals (not in stadium)

11:15               Light snack on porch

                        Move pit to field (Rookies & pit)

12:00               Full Ensemble on Football Field

2:00                 Bring instruments to truck for loading.

                        Break (eat lunch/dinner)

                        Uniform responsibilities – check with section leader if unclear.       

3:00                 Load buses

            3:20                 Depart Enloe

            4:10                 Arrive at West Johnston High School

            4:40                 Dress (in the parking lot next to the equipment truck)

            5:10                 Warm Up (only 30 minutes!!!)

            5:40                 Move to staging area

            6:00                 Perform

6:20                 Back to changing area for self evaluation

7:20                 Change

7:30                 Snacks  

7:20                 Back inside the stadium to watch other bands (Cary, W. Carteret, Cape Fear)

8:15                 Host exhibition – Drum Major & Captains assemble

8:45                 Awards Presentation

9:30                 Officers and staff meet band where you are (in bleachers)

                                    Move as a group back to buses (watch traffic)                       

9:45                 Depart – Call rides to confirm pick up time.

            10:30               Back at Enloe

                                    Hang uniform properly, unload truck, store equipment properly & clean up.

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Our Mission:


The Enloe Band Program prides itself on maintaining balance and excellence in its musical offerings. 

To that end students have opportunities to participate in Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Combos.

Additionally, students have opportunities to learn about arranging, music technology, and conducting.

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