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Friday is our first home football game and we're all very excited!  We will perform our pre-game show as well as our halftime show.  Friday is also our first early release day, which means our schedule for our first game will not be the same for the rest of our games.  

Below are some notes:

  • This year, as many previous years, we will not march our first game in uniform.  Rather, we will dress as we did for Family Night. (Remember black socks)
  • On Friday students will be dismissed from school at 12:05PM and must leave campus immediately.  
  • Students should be back at Enloe between 5:00 and 5:20 for their 5:30 sectional time.
  • Getting students home and then back in time for the game could be difficult for some families so, as always, we recommend you carpool and plan your transportation in advance.
  • Students should arrive well hydrated and well fed.  There will not be a meal served prior to the game, because we assume everyone will eat at home or out before reporting.  We do not allow food/drink in the bleachers, but we will have water before halftime and then during the third quarter.
  • The schedule for most game days is students are released at 2:35, many remain at school under parent volunteer supervision, pizza is served at 5:00 and then we get in our uniforms at 5:30.  
  • Parents must pay to enter the game.  I think the charge is $8 (give or take a dollar).
  • Our parents usually sit together between the band and the rest of the crowd.
  • The game begins at 7PM.  Our pre-game show is a few minutes before that.  
  • The ending of the game varies greatly, but we're usually done by 10PM.  If you're dropping off and picking up.  It would be nice for you to arrive by 9:30, in case we're finished early.  
  • After the game the parking lot can be hazardous and we recommend you park and/or pick up in the back lot, behind the west building.
  • Please don't ask for your child to leave the game early.  By now you hopefully know that we do everything as a band.  Of course there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, but understand that kids notice when someone doesn't stay 'til the end and this puts a bit of social strain on your child when he/she comes late or leaves early.  Our program is all about commitment and most of our members take that very seriously. 
  • Home Football Games: September 5, 19 & 26; October 10, 24 & 31 (plan your Halloween costume with your section).
  • Mark competition Saturdays as well: September 27; October 4, 11, 18, 25; November 1.  Most competition days are early morning until late night.  They're tough, but they are the students' favorite part of the season!
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The Enloe Band Program prides itself on maintaining balance and excellence in its musical offerings. 

To that end students have opportunities to participate in Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Combos.

Additionally, students have opportunities to learn about arranging, music technology, and conducting.