Yahoo E-mail groups are used by Mr. Hunter and the Band Boosters to get out notices of importance to the band. This saves significantly on postage, and is more reliable than sending notices home with students. Both students and their parents will benefit by receiving these emails.

We continue to use two Yahoo! Groups to post and distribute emails for Band members and boosters. These groups are the following:

  1. Enloe Band Boosters has messages of relevance to all band members.
  2. Enloe Marching Band has messages of interest just to Marching Band members.

If you are in Marching Band and a classroom band, both are relevant for you.

To subscribe to the mailing list so you can receive emails that are posted, you have two options. These are described fully in a Yahoo! help page. If you have any difficulty with these groups, or don't understand the instructions, click on the "webmaster" link at the bottom of this page to send us email describing your problem, and we'll be glad to help.

We are sensitive to your right not to be disturbed and attempt to use such email judiciously. The group is managed so that only members can post, and membership is controlled and monitored by the moderator. If you have problems, please report them using the Feedback button on our home page.