Committees & Roles

PositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderDescriptionMBCBProgram
ApparelWorks closely with director, uniform committee, parents and students. Orders band T-shirts, jackets, shoes, gloves, etc. for Marching Band. Facilitates printing of T-shirt design. Distributes above products.YesNoMarching Band
AwardsWorks with director, parents and students. Orders and displays ribbons, plaques, flowers, etc. for awards banquets. Marching Band and Classroom Bands.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Band Locker AssignmentAssigns and labels band lockers for ALL band students. Periodic clean-outs with students. YesYes 
Carpentry and ConstructionWorks with director and other parents planning and implementing small building and maintenance projects, repairs, painting, putting scaffolding up and removing as necessary. Marching Band and Classroom Bands.YesYes 
ChaperoneWorks with director, parents and students at various events; Marching Band Games and Competitions, Marching Band Camp – off site at Frostburg, Marching Band Camp –on site at Enloe, Concert Band Events, Symphonic Band Events, Wind Ensemble Events. Some events require out of town travel and overnight stays. YesYes 
Color Guard RepresentativeWorks with director, guard instructor, parents and students. Assists with rehearsals as needed. Assists with costumes and flags as needed.YesNo 
Concert ProgramsWorks with director, parents and students. Folds and distributes programs at various times of the year.YesYes 
Doughnut SalesWorks with other parents selling doughnuts to students and staff at EHS Friday mornings. Fundraiser for Marching Band.YesNoMarching Band
Entertainment/Coupon BookFund raising opportunity for students in Marching Band and Classroom Bands. Funds generated go directly into individual Fair Share accounts. Work with chairperson for Ways and Means, salesperson/representative for company, other parents, students and director. Distributes information, collects orders, places orders and distributes books once delivered.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Fruit SalesOur biggest individual fund raiser for Marching Band and Classroom Bands. Funds generated go directly into individual Fair Share Accounts. Works closely with parents and students ordering and coordinating delivery of fruit.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Grant WritingFundraising opportunity to support the EHS Band Booster’s General Fund. Works with Band Boosters to identify potential grants and pursue as appropriate. Marching Band and Classroom Bands.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
HospitalityWorks closely with other parents and students. Marching Band and Classroom Bands. Helps plan and coordinate events requiring food and/or decorations. Several events held throughout the year; banquets and receptions. YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Marching Band – Meals before Friday evening football games and meals before competitionsWorks with director, parents and students. Helps coordinate, serve and clean-up meals prior to above events.YesNoMarching Band
Marching Band – Sale of spirit itemsSells pompoms and seat cushions at Friday night football games. Fundraiser to help support the EHS Band Booster General Fund.YesNoMarching Band
Marching Band – Senior Slide ShowCollects photos and puts together slide show of seniors in Marching Band. Shown at Marching Band Banquet. Each senior receives a copy at the banquet.NoNoMarching Band
Marching Band – SewingWorks closely with uniform committee, parents and students. Basic sewing skills needed such as sewing on buttons and simple stitching. Help with Color Guard as needed with simple sewing needs. Attendance at football games and competitions as available.YesNoMarching Band
Marching Band – UniformsWorks closely with director, parents and students. Maintains, distributes, monitors condition of uniforms and uniform room. Prepares uniforms and related equipment for transport to and from various events – games, competitions, parades, and concerts.YesNoMarching Band
Marching Band – Water for Competition Rehearsals (Saturdays)Works closely with director, parents and students. Provides water and first aid to outside rehearsal prior to departure to competitions.YesNoMarching Band
Marching Band – Water for Weekday RehearsalsWorks closely with director, parents and students. Attends afternoon outside rehearsals as available. Helps dispense water and refreshments to students and instructors. Rehearsals require 3-4 volunteers to be effective. Drive Gator to transport front line equipment and students as needed. Administer simple first aid as needed.YesNoMarching Band
Middle School Orientation – Middle School AuditionsMarching Band and Classroom Bands. Works with other parents, students and director to coordinate and provide orientation for middle school families planning to participate in a band program at Enloe. May help with refreshments, distributing information, etc.NoYesConcert Band
Photography/videoHelps take photographs and video that can be used for Marching Band Video, Senior slide Show and also the EHS Yearbook.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Volunteer CoordinatorWorks closely with director and all branches of officers and committee chairpersons. Marching Band and Classroom Bands. Communicates volunteer needs and coordinates activities within the entire organization.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
Web/CommunicationsWorks with director, officers and committee chairs. Maintains band website, yahoo lists, keeps online contact information up to date. Coordinates directories online. Marching Band and Classroom Bands.YesYesConcert Band;Marching Band
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