Volunteers - General

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You may have heard that their are few opportunities to be involved with your kid's activities once they enter high school, band is clearly one of the exceptions to that. We need volunteers to make everything happen in our band programs, especially our marching band. The safety and well being of the students is a key role of volunteers, and many roles just require those same skills you used to successfully get them to high school.  Parent volunteers manage the water and snack breaks, ensure kids use sunscreen, ensure that each section has supervision and someone to manage logistics so they, and the staff, can focus on music, routines and marching. From chaperoning on a bus to bandages for a blister, think "parenting" on a massive scale and you already have what it takes to be a great volunteer band mom or dad.

In addition to the being a "band parent" we have some positions that coordinate specific functions or areas:



Line Crew

Props Crew

Meals & Banquets



Our ensembles have a range of needs as well to support their involvement in events like the music performance assessment (known as festival) where they perform for regional judges using both prepared and sight read music to determine their ranking against regional standards.  


No volunteer may incur expenses or obligations on behalf of the Band Boosters without the approval of the President or Treasurer and then only to the extent and amounts approved within the budget line item.  Any expenses over $50 that include sales tax should be paid for by the Band Boosters directly so the tax can be recovered.

Expenses that were approved and paid for by the volunteer should be documented on the form at the link below and returned with the receipt attached to the treasurer by mail or band room lock box.

Expense Reimbursement Form